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Nouvelle Vague-The Killing Moon

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

You deserve to be happy, and I want that for you. Always.

Self loathing

I hate how everyone stares
With that judgemental look on their faces
And how the go silent when I walk into the room
They have an impression of me which is untrue
And it’s so frustrating because everyone makes mistakes but doesn’t expect to still be judged for them months down the line
Maybe it’s my fault
I’m one of those people who will say the controversial thing and laugh like its a joke
But to them it’s not a joke
Even though it’s the truth
So who’s wrong me or them?
I just want to scream fuck you! I am who I am and I was happy with myself before I met you
But now I doubt myself everyday and everything I say even though it’s only what I’m thinking and we should be honest with our thoughts shouldn’t we?
At least I’m real
And although I’m not perfect I won’t be the one you dislike 6 months down the line because you’ve realised that I’m a shitty person
You already hate me
And that’s fine.

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Elizabeth Olsen, photographed by Frances Tulk-Hart

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Cushion I brought for uni. #pretty #floral #flowers

Suffocation in its cutest form. #cat #cute

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